Lost Classmates

The following list shows the people in our class for whom we still need contact information. Any leads to find them would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, we could use current names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, even partial info would be helpful (what state they live in, where they work, parents' names, children's names, etc.). Please send any info you have in an email to Neil Zimmerman, or call Neil at 410-529-7176 (home) or 410-965-8294 (work).

Bailey, Michael
Baird, Marcia
Bernal, Rafael
Brasure, Dan
Capaldi, Lawrence
Carter, Jacquelyn
Casula, Fran
Clarkson, Ty
Clouser, Barbara
Daniels, Mary
Davis, John
Day, Joanne
Don, Frank
Draper, Mary E.
Dunn, Elizabeth
Ennett, Karen
Finocchiaro, Kathy
Freeman, David
Garrett, Yvonne
Grimble, Karen
Hahler, Helen
Heim, Hugh
Hill, James
Hoyte, Diane
Hull, Nancy
Jankowski, Louis
Kimble, Barbara
Levesque, Jocelyne
Light, Dorothy
Lowe, William
Lyons, Patricia
MacDonald, Phillip
McGeehan, Susan
McKay, Peggy
Mellon, Kathy
Meyer, Nancy
Monigle, Linda
Moore, Elizabeth
Pierce, Nancy
Roberts, Mary
Rowe, Andy
Samsel, Allen
Scott, Kay
Smith, John F.
Smyjewski, Michael
Spencer, Dean
Stark, Glen
Taylor, Richard
Thomson, Kathleen
Watkins, Sarajane
Weiss, Carole
White, Dennis
Wilkinson, David
Williams, James
Williams, Karen